Custom made steel cable


The steel cable is widely used in the world of lighting for the manufacture of suspended luminaires.

For its appearance and thinness steely cable passes very unnoticed, besides being one of the safest ways thanks to its features.

We can serve you in two main ways:

  1. Steel cable cut to size according to your needs, with and without brake (ball located at the end to prevent the luminaire from falling in the event of brake breakage).
  2. Steel cable in rolls, so that the client can carry out their own manipulations.

Remember that we also have a wide selection of brakes and accessories for the suspension of luminaires that you can use in conjunction with our cable.

[image style=»uk-thumbnail» url=»images/art/Productos/cable-acerado/cable-acercado-con-freno.jpg» title=»cable acero a medida con freno» width=»297″ height=»300″ /] [image style=»uk-thumbnail» url=»images/art/Productos/cable-acerado/luminaria-suspendida-cable-acero.jpg» title=»luminaria colgada con cable de acero» width=»489″ height=»300″ /]