Artilum Gonzalez EN

With more than 30 years of experience in the world of custom cable for the industry, at Artilum Gonzalez we are aware of the needs and requirements of our customers for their cabling: high reliability, commitment to delivery times and fast customer service.

The combination of our experienced human team, a modern fleet of cutting machines and a strict manufacturing and quality policy, allows us to offer our customers highly reliable solutions tailored to their needs

[heading size=»h3″ style=»module-title uk-text-right»]Quality[/heading] [block_icon icon=»icon-check-square-o uk-round-icon uk-float-right»]We are ISO 9001 certified and we apply a zero defects policy in all our work. [/block_icon]
[heading size=»h3″ style=»module-title uk-text-right»]Experience[/heading] [block_icon icon=»icon-users uk-round-icon uk-float-right»]We have been handling cables for more than 30 years, which gives us a great human team and experience. [/block_icon]
[heading size=»h3″ style=»module-title uk-text-right»]Flexibility [/heading] [block_icon icon=»icon-arrows uk-round-icon uk-float-right»]In a rapidly changing market, we can respond to your projects in a timely manner. [/block_icon]
[heading size=»h3″ style=»module-title»]Productive capacity [/heading] [block_icon icon=»icon-gears uk-round-icon»]We have the latest machinery, so we can manufacture large batches. [/block_icon]
[heading size=»h3″ style=»module-title»]Speed [/heading] [block_icon icon=»icon-dashboard»]Do you have an emergency? Our wide stock of materials and experience allows us to handle them in 24 hours. [/block_icon]
[heading size=»h3″ style=»module-title»]Commitment [/heading] [block_icon icon=»icon-shield uk-round-icon»]We are committed to our customers and their projects, to always obtain the best results. [/block_icon]

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