Artilum Gonzalez’s relationship with the world of custom cabling began at the end of the 80s with the production of cabling for the lighting sector, which was very present in Catalonia and Valencia.

Since then, thanks to the accumulated experience and the constant expansion of our production means, we have been able to access many other market sectors that, as in the lighting sector, required customized wired solutions for the manufacture of their products.

cableado industrial


Wiring for vending machinery is complex and requires extensive experience for proper planning and manufacturing. Our extensive experience will allow us to advise and guide you to the best possible solution for your project.


The automation and electronics sectors require very specific and precise wiring, as well as having access to a large number of terminal and connection providers. At Artilum we work with the main houses in the sector, so we can respond promptly to your needs.


The automotive sector incorporates more and more wiring due to the constant increase in technology in cars. At Artilum we are prepared to produce custom wiring according to the specific needs of the vehicle.


Our knowledge and experience allow us to produce cables for a sector as demanding as electromedicine. Wiring that requires high quality and rigorous compliance with applicable regulations.


We can manufacture all kinds of custom cabling for the lighting sector, including curly cabling, rayon-wrapped, single-pole, hoses, etc... As well as all the terminals and accessories you need.

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Our ability to produce large series, as well as our extensive catalog of custom wiring and connections allow us to be a highly valued partner when it comes to manufacturing your custom wiring under your specifications or those of our team depending on the type of application.